Cherry Blossoms Dating Review

Cherry Blossoms Dating is really just another dating website, however, it is one website that caters specifically to men who want to find women from Asia, specifically, women from the Philippines. In this article, we’re going to review this website and give you more info about it to see if it’s worth your time.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:
* How the website started
* What you can expect from the website
* The different types of scams that the women there might attempt on you

Cherry Blossoms Dating – The Beginning

The company that owns the website actually started out in 1974 as a pen pal or picture personals service. If you were already of age during that time and tried it, then you already know that pen pal services are really the paper version of today’s dating websites.

Men are sent a catalog of women members while the women are also sent a catalog of men members. Like any other catalog, these picture personals contained pictures and quick information on the person in the picture complete with a home address.

The members would then write to the members they liked and if they responded, things would start from there.

What was it like to date long distance back then? In a few short words, it took a long time. This is because everything was done via snail mail back then and letters would be sent back and forth with an average of three weeks for each letter to arrive. Thankfully, however, there was the telephone back then and so it did not take a million years for couples to take it to the next level.

As the Internet became more popular in use in the 1990s, the Cherry Blossoms picture personas service service started its online version in the form of an online chat room. Fast forward to 2015 and the chat room has evolved into a full-fledged dating site complete with all the features that you might expect from a typical dating site.

If you want to check out the full features of the Cherry Blossoms website, you can check it out here.

So, what makes this website different from every other website out there? There are several things that make it unique, as you will see below:

Visa Support Service

This is perhaps the most important thing that sets it apart from other websites. If you ever want to take your relationship to the next level with a woman that you found on Cherry Blossoms, you can ask the people working there to process your lady love’s fiancee visa, spousal visa, and green card.

Filipino Women

Although it claims to be an Asian dating site, the fact is that majority of the people you will find there are actually Filipinas, Filipino women or women from the Philippines. And when we say majority, we mean that if there are 50,000 women members, you can expect for 40,000 of those to be from the Philippines. If that’s not a lot of women, we don’t know what is. Anyway, moving to the next special feature of Cherry Blossoms…

Anti-scam features

The dating website doesn’t just have or two tools for weeding out potential scammers from your experience, it actually has four. First, there’s the Tin Eye Lookup which lets you check if the profile picture of a member is that of a celebrity in the Philippines. Then there’s the IP address trace which tells you the exact location of a woman, or more precisely, at which place in the Philippines she is accessing the Internet from. Then there’s the Report This Member button and the Block This Member button.

These tools are really more than enough to avoid scammers (there are plenty of them, by the way). But you might be wondering, what type of scams do bad Filipinas run? There are several as you shall see below.

Ask you for money on the pretense of some emergency

This is probably the most common of scams. It’s no secret that most of the people in the Philippines are poor, but instead of working to make their lives better, some women take advantage of this fact to ask for money from the men they meet online.

The scam usually goes like this: The women chat with you until you are comfortable with them, then they ask you for some money under the guise of some emergency, like their mother being admitted to the hospital, someone in the family having died, no money to pay for the Internet connection.

The money that is milked in this type of modus operandi is usually just small amount like $25 or $50.

Married women who pretend they are single

There are two types of married women who do this: The women who are separated from their husbands and the women who are in cahoots with their husbands to pull of this scam. What do the married women want from the foreign men? Aside from the money, many women do it because they want someone to pay for the annulment process of their marriage (there’s no divorce in the Philippines). Other women do it because they want to freeload on meals and other items.

Single women who will turn you into a sugar daddy

This is usually common among very young women. They go the whole stretch of dating men who are older than them in exchange for money and expensive items. The relationship continues until the man or the woman grow tired of the setup. Sometimes, however, the relationship actually blossoms into true love and even marriage.

As you can see from above, there are many types of scams that the bad eggs among Filipino women do to the men they meet online.

Unfortunately, at many dating websites it’s impossible to know if a woman intends on using you for the money because they will go out of their way to make you fall in love with them. You do need to be careful every step of the way and to do some research on the woman you are dating. On this websites, we will teach you a few tricks to researching on a Filipina without paying for a private investigator to do it.

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