While it's easy enough to sign up with dating sites like Cherry Blossom Dating, the truth is that finding love online isn't as easy. There are many ways that you could get fooled online and it's never fun when you're at the receiving end of a prank when all you want is true love.

Below you will find some practical tips for using this very popular dating site. In case you didn't know it yet, Cherry Blossom is an Asian date site although it's practically a Filipino date site as majority of its female members (read: Over 50,000 out of over 60,000 members) are women from the Philippines.

1. Write a negative qualifier

We recommend stating in your ad text profile that you will not send money for any reason. This will help eliminate some potential requests and lets everyone know you are not a pushover for a sad story.

2. Only talk on Cherry Blossom Dating

Avoid moving your conversations away from the official Cherry Blossom Dating website for the first week or two. Story tellers want to communicate with you away from as soon as possible. They know any request for money or other assistance is strictly prohibited and they will be removed from the website.

3. Keep it to yourself

Never share your password or login details. Anyone with your email address and password can access your Blossom account and change your personal information. Do not give anyone your credit card number, social security number, banking information, or home address. There is no reason to give these personal details to anyone. Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information or attempts to trick you into revealing any of this personal information.

4. Make a special email

Create an email address just for online dating. You can get one free; they help create a second layer of protection against identity theft, and it makes keeping track of your incoming Cherry Blossom mail easy.

5. Request for recent pics

Ask for updated and current photographs. If you are talking to a Cherry person, they will be happy to share photos of themselves, their family and home.

6. Don't say “I love you”

Use caution with someone that says they love you before they know you. Until you have met in person and spent some time together there is no way of knowing if there is chemistry or not.

7. Know what you want

Have some idea of what you are wanting in a relationship. Do you want children? Is it okay if your partner has a child? Are you athletic? Religious? Do you smoke or drink? What qualities are you looking for in a partner? What age range is appealing to you? It is so much easier to focus on what you want if you have some idea of what that is. It is also easier to move on if someone turns out to not be the person for you. With over 70,000 women online and actively looking for love and romance, you have lots of choices! Keep looking until you find her!

About Cherry Blossom Dating

Cherry Blossom is one of the biggest and oldest dating sites out there for meeting women from Asia, especially women from the Philippines. It first started in 1974 as a picture personals company where men from the United States would look at a picture catalog of different women and write to the women they liked.

These days, while the picture catalog is gone, it still continues to provide a great service to men who are looking for love through its website. You can sign up with Cherry Blosoms here.

However, we need to tell you that this website is really just a tool for meeting Asian women online. Whether or not you successfully met someone really depends on a lot of things, including your personal beliefs about finding love at online dating sites.

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